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Sophie Ravailhe began studying visceral manipulation in France. She was a patient of Ostheopathy and develop a passion for alternative medicine. Being an elite gymnast and aspiring ballet dancer in France, Sophie had a few injuries and subsequent treatment and recovery processes herself. Her early exposure to massage and osteopathic treatment lead to her moving to Florida to be closer to the Upledger Institute to study CranioSacral therapy and to the Sun Coast Massage therapy College, where she graduated and became Nationally Certified. This only served to stimulate Sophie's thirst for knowledge.

She is extremely dedicated to her profession and has traveled throughout North America to study with many leaders in fields of Manual Therapy. Sophie has also shared her many years of international gymnastic experience by coaching many children in Canada and the United States. She is a level II gymnastics coach in Canada, however is now focusing on continuing to develop Kinetic Fascial Release with Wayne Pinel.

She is also committed to pursuing more post-graduate training as there are so many great techniques in the world.

Most recently, she studied another two years of massage therapy at Ontario College of Health and Technology. In total she has three years of massage therapy training, over eleven years of practice and 800 hours of post-graduate education. Sophie has worked in many multidisciplinary clinics including the Wellness Centre in East Pasco Hospital in Florida.


Sophie is a Registered Massage Therapist in the province of Ontario and a member of the RMTOA.


Previous Employment

  • Land' O Lake GymnasticsTeam(Instructor), Florida

  • Gymnasctics and Ballet Instructor at Helen' s Studio of Baton and Dance, Florida
  • Independent L.M.T. Contractor at Pinnacle Chiropractic, Florida
  • Wellness Center of East Pasco Hospital, Florida
    • L.M.T.
    • Licensed Personal Traner/Exercise Specialist
    • Water Aerobic Specialist/Instructor
  • Co-owner of Active Wellness Centre then Island Myofascial and CranioSacral Therapy (IMCST)
  • Level II Gymnastics Coach, Duncan Dynamics Club (DDGC)


Post-Graduate Education

  • L.M.T. School at Suncoast Center for Natural Health, School of massage Therapy, Florida with specialization in Neuromuscular Therapy (graduated 2002)
  • CST I (CranioSacral Therapy I)
  • CST II (CranioSacral Therapy II)
  • SER I (SomatoEmotional Release I)
  • SER II (SomatoEmotional Release II)
  • TBS (Brain Speaks) with Dr. John Upledger
  • Personal Training Instructor and Principles of Health
  • Low impact water aerobic exercise specialist for seniors
  • Spa modalities and Hydrotherapy
  • Certified Level II Canadian National Gymnastics Coach
  • Training in Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy, Thai Stem and Reflexology
  • Massage Therapy College Diploma from Ontario College of Health and Technology (OCHT)
  • Dynamic spine stabilization and corrective exercise
  • Visceral Manipulation I, Nov 2014 at Jean-Pierre Varral Institute
  • Visceral Manipulation II, Dec 2015 at Jean-Pierre Varral Institute
  • Reiki I, Mar 2016 with Barbara Lilley, Reiki Master

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